4. They’re so different. One’s attractive, the other’s annoying

September 4, 2006

Monday was crawling to an end. Remains of the last lesson stretched like the chewed-up gum he was trying to stick under his desk. It clung to his fingers and refused to let go, strongly resembling Kamila.

Arkadiy was sitting with Terry, a cool British guy. Terry was writing something. Arkadiy was not. At times—perhaps, a bit too often—English became too incomprehensible and slipped passed his brain without living the slightest trace.

There’s too much new and unusual. Not that much interesting, though. It’s interesting, for instance, why does Milana keep ignoring me so stubbornly?

It is a truth universally aknowledged that the less information Google has on you, the more chances you have to live a normal life. There were very few facts about Smolenskaya, only the stuff he already knew: that she was the granddaughter of a construction magnate. Arkadiy was strongly disappointed by the results of his last night’s internet surfing. The following day, however, he managed to get her number. Not from Google, obviously. From Terry.

Milana was now sitting with Kamila, or, rather, sleeping fearlessly in the front row. Kamila was listening to their history teacher, her chin propped up on both hands. Arkadiy only just noticed a strange similarity between the two girls.

Are they sisters? Kamila—Milana. Even their names complete each other… but they seem to be so different. One’s attractive, the other one’s annoying; one’s evasive, the other one’s pushy; one’s…

‘Miss Smolenskaya!’

Milana’s sweet dreamy state no longer remained unnoticed. Awoken by Kamila’s friendly nudge, she raised her head and said in a soft sweet voice, ‘Sorry, professor, I’ve got a terrible headache.’

Headache, my ass.

For some reason the professor believed her. He nodded and continued teaching. Unabashed, Smolenskaya found a softer spot on the desk and continued sleeping.

Maybe I should do the same? Or maybe now is not the best time to push the boundaries? The next Monday I’ll set my own rules, and in the meantime it’s better to play fair.

The chewed-up gum fell glumly to the floor.

Damn! What a torture.


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