27. The Smolenskie are having a Christmas party. You’d better think of a present, if you know what I mean

 December 18, 2006

School was slowly drawing to an end, making way for the long-awaited holidays.

Only a week.*  Meet the New Year, and return to London the following day. Much too soon. On the other hand, it’s probably better that way. There’s nothing festive at home. Dad and Vika are going to the Maldives.

Arkadiy had found about that mere two days before the break.
«Awesome, dad, and what about me?» he asked in annoyance.

Arkadiy never liked talking on the phone with his father. The words always sounded harsher than they did when speaking face-to-face.

«Have fun with friends,» dad replied, copying the irrate tone.

«In Moscow? Thanks.»

«Where d’you wanna go?» dad asked, paying a bit more attention to the conversation.

Negotiations? Great!

«The Alps.»

«The Alps are big. Be specific.»

«I’ll ask Gena and call you back.»

Yeah, the Alps are big. And awesome. I don’t want to go to Moscow, I don’t want anything old and familiar. Only the new, the best, the brightest.

Gena made things clear.

«The French Alps, of course. With the Smolenkiys.»

«With Milana?» Arkadiy asked, just to make sure.

Gena nodded.

«Family fun. A clan meeting.»

An unplanned clan meeting, awesome.

«Can I join you?»

«Sure! I’ll call dad, tell him you’re coming with us. The Smolenskie always throw a Christmas party on the 25 of December. You’d better think of a present, if you know what I mean.»


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Language commentary

*In Russian schools Christmas holidays aret approximately two weeks. For example, in 2016 they lasted from the 29 of December till the 11 of January.

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