26. Let them resist, I’ll get what I want! Like with Novikov.

Christmas Spirit

December 17, 2006

Big snowflakes were slowly falling to the ground. Milana smiled and looked up at the foggy sky. Ever since she was a child, she had liked white colour and snow. She could stand for minutes on end, counting snowlakes that were flying at her from unfathomable heights, gifts from the mysterious, silent, and soft sky. How much snow is there, I wonder?
A playful snoflwake tickled the tip of her nose lightly, and Christmas mood became even brighter.

My favourite holiday is getting closer and closer, but every year it’s more and more difficult to celebrate it, more formal. Grandpa is busy around the clock, and even on New Year’s eve he has an absent, switched off air about him. He’s not with us, he’s with his work, and his thoughts are in Moscow, not in the chalet. And Antoniy can hardly be called a heartfelt person.

New Year is a family holiday. Only our little family is falling apart, like snowflakes. Everyone has their own worries, their own business, their own fun. And so I must become Milana the Santa Claus again, the power that will unite our family for a week, at the very least. I have to awake Christmas spirit in their frozen hearts for the sake of my own happiness as well as theirs. It’s a magical time of year, and everyone who has a family must have a family holiday. Let them resist, but I’ll get what I want!

Like with Novikov. Our relationships can hardly be called warm, although he’s dumped Elis and hasn’t been smoking for more than a week. Let him hate me, I won’t let him neglect his status, spoil his reputation and health. Noblesse oblige. We’re noble by birth, we must hold the high standard. Especially when there’re so many of those who wait for us to stumble.

«Milana! There you are!» Kamila joined her and also looked up at the sky. «What’re you doing?»

«Thinking how much snow there’ll be on Christmas,» Milana answered slowly.

«Much, probably. D’you know who invited me for the holidays?»

Not Novikov, obviously. Kamila had discarded him because of his inappropriate conduct. The fact that he had chosen Elis and kept ignoring Kamila had chilled Volkova better than December frost.


Milana went towards their dormitory. Kamila hurried after her.




«Yea-a-ah,» Kamila beamed.

«Are you together now?»

«Sort of.»


Milana’s smile was like Christmas lights, false, bright, temporary. Coz it’s obvious. Things can’t be—and never will be—serious between her and Terry. Volkova’s not stupid. She’s just playing her game, having fun, as usual.

«And where’ll you be on X-Mas?»

Kamila tensely waited for the answer. They entered the softly lit hall.

«The Alps,» Milana smiled.



That’s my definition of awesome.
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