25. Milana continued to ignore him, and so did Kamila

November resulted in awesome sex with Elis, five packs of cigs,  and complete indifference from Smolenskaya. She now had a reason to despise him, and he smoked out of protest, just to make her mad.

She’s too weird for her own good. 

Elis, on the other hand, considered him to be the king of cool. She smoked too, and was carefree and loose.

«Well, if that’s your standard, we’ve got nothing to talk about,» said Milana in responce to his question. He wanted to find out her opinion, or, rather, attract her attention. Didn’t work.

Not my standard… I don’t know what my standards are! I want fun. And, according to her, I can’t drink alcohol, smoke, or have sex. Where’s the fun? You’ve missed an important point, boss.

To Arkadiy’s surprise, Smirnov had also stepped aside. He didn’t comment Arkadiy’s new devotions, didn’t despise him, but from that moment on they certainly had less in common. Gena called Elis a slut, an ashtray, and a fuckwit. He didn’t smoke, told him that mass market cigarettes were rubbish, and closed the subject.

Rubbish or not, what’s the difference? I don’t smoke because I like it. I smoke because I want to annoy Smolenskaya. Who doesn’t care. Fuck. I’ve got it all confused. I smoke because I like it. That’s all.



December. Snowy, cold, already festive.

Arkadiy dumped Elis and began to smoke less. Nobody to smoke with. Nobody to impress. No fun in doing it on my own.

Milana continued ignoring him, and so did Kamila. After he had sex with Elis.

«Where’re you going for Christmas?» Gena asked one day.

They now spoke quite often.

«No idea yet. You?»

«The Alps,» was Smirnov’s simple reply.

Everything depends on dad. Either mountains, snowboarding, and fun, or Moscow. It’s a situaion of limited and forced choice. I wonder, where Smolenskaya is going for the holidays?

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