22. At the end of October Smolenskaya changed her status on Facebook

October 26, 2006

Life became better.


Arkadiy appeared in her dreams every night and invaded her thoughts daily. Nor did it help that Volkova was devising a new plan of winning Novikov. Kamila no longer wanted to see Misha. Milana was pretty sure it was Strogov who did not want to see Kamila, but she did not care to dig up the truth, that type of social gardening being Kamila’s hobby, not hers.
Kamila quickly swithced her attention to Novikov and was constantly annoying Milana with questions. She wanted to know everything: how best to approach him, what to say, what Arkadiy liked, what music he listened to, when was his birthday, etc. Even his erogenic zones.

Milana replied without thinking, but almost always gave the right answer. Every time she did so, a sharp needle of regret and jealousy pricked her heart, but she kept smiling: sometimes it is better to endure a short-time pain for the sake of a long painless life.

You hand in your trump card to avoid war. That’s weakness, Smolenskaya. Or is it wisdom?

War cannot be won when one side is emotionally unbalanced. And Milana still did not get over Novikov. They met at lessons and during breaks, in the canteen and outdoors, on Facebook and in her dreams.

As though on purpose (surely, on purpose!) he was always in sight.

Life did not get better. Everything’s fucking difficult.


After the tenth «Archie, have you split up with Mills?» he lost control and gave a most brief, specific, and honest reply, «Fuck off, vse (everybody).»

People asked him both in Russian and English, and what really annoyed Arkadiy was that he didn’t even know the names of those, who wanted to know so much about his private business.

Smolenskaya had changed her status on Facebook, and they were now officially NOT a couple. She was under much more pressure, being practically bombarded with questions, but judging by her cool indifference, mildly bored air, and the everpresent languid smile, she, unlike Novikov, was enjoying the situation.

A week had passed. October was coming to an end, bringing closer the Halloween party. Milana remained the same as always, calm, authorative, and devilishly pretty. She was on speaking terms with Kamila again, kept ignoring Arkadiy’s messages, avoided eye-to-eye meetings, but spoke to him normally in public. Who’s she trying to convince? Serious, my ass. She’s acting like a kid. And I’m no boy.

Her words had touched a nerve. Words about his out-of-place adolescence, his childish behaviour, the weird complications. If she likes making things difficult, let her enjoy it. I won’t get in the way. And she should wear a shorter skirt, if she’s so proper. Trying to attract me. Obvious as fuck.

Legs, legs, legs. Milana walked passed their table, paying him the shortest of glances, and gave Gena a warm smile.

Smirnov beamed at her, «Hey, Mills!»

«Why aren’t you together?» he asked the moment Milana had left the classroom.

Strangely, this time the question didn’t annoy Arkadiy. It was okay to discuss matters with Gena.

«Coz of sex.»

«Wha’s wrong with it?» Gena looked surprised.

«I’ve gotta wait. Till May.»

«But tha’s fucking great!» Gena smirked. «Some’ll keep ypu waiting till after the wedding. They call it motivation.»

«Awesome,» Arkadiy snorted. «Anyway, we broke up.»

«That’s stupid, Archie.»

Those who can’t do, advise. And Gena, an expert in many fields that were new to Arkadiy, didn’t hurry to give an advice. He simply voiced his opinion.

Novikov shrugged. «She’s the one who stopped it. Let her cool down, catch up with her brain.»

She won’t manage long without me. She’s the one who broke the pencil.
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