21. French manicure, shining diamonds, victory

October 19, 2006

‘What do you mean?’ Kamila asked, surprised.

Lunch. Milana was sitting in front of her, wearing a white T-shirt. White flag?

‘I always mean what I say. He’s yours, if you want,’ Smolenskaya sipped her juice, smiling.
They ordered two identical salads, as always «accidentialy». But the food waited untouched, the talk being much too delicious.

‘Why now?’ Kamila asked, looking attentively at Milana. Where’s the tick?

Smolenskaya shrugged, ‘He’s not my type.’

Kamila snorted.

‘Shaking off your last season’s, Mills? I don’t pick up what is not mine, and I don’t wear pre-owned.’

Milana laughed.

Fucking plastic bitch. She is so artfully artificial that you never know what she is thinking, feeling, or hiding. A true professional. What’s this generosity with Novikov though?

‘Kamil, it’s cool, we’ve been together for fun,’ Smolenskaya explained.

‘Why aren’t you together now?’

‘Not my type. As I told you.’

Who’s your type then?

Novikov was sitting nearby, eating pizza and gazing at Milana. She’s definitely his type. He doesn’t have eyes for anyone else since the first of September.

‘Was the sex bad?’ Kamila tried to understand the real reason of this strange but beneficial turn.

If it is last-season, it must be of the highest quality.

Milana smiled, ‘It was good. We’re just too different.’

Oh. That’s fine with me.


Smolenskaya stretched out her right hand, her pinkie sticking out hopefully. A pinky promise?

Kamila laughed. Their firendship had always been like that: quarrels-fights-pinkies. Milana was always the one who made the first move. Kamila never said «sorry» on principle, although life without Smolenskaya was pretty colourless.

‘Fuck yeah!’

Hate not being friends with Milana.

Their little fingers entwined. French manicure, shining diamonds, victory. Now it’s time to eat the salad.
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