2. Long legs, model walk. Awesome, thanks dad!

September 1, 2006

‘Dad, I don’t get it.’

‘England provides high quality education, and I’m deeply displeased with your current marks and knowledge. Subject closed.’

Subject closed. Or maybe you just want to send me away because your life’s not that smooth?

‘Fine, I’ll go. Sence of solidarity, or what’s it called?’…

He entered the classroom with ten minutes left before the first lesson.

Attention! Looks, looks, looks. Quickly remember English and never forget it.

‘Hi everyone’

Smile, wave, go…  Where?

‘Hi! (🇷🇺Privet!)’ Russian speech, pretty blond. ‘Come here.’

He approached one of the desks by the window.

‘You’re Novikov? I’m Kamila,’ said the smiling blond. ‘You can sit with me, if you like.’

‘Hi. Are there many Russians here?’

The first thing I need to find out. Dad said «many», but I want a specific answer.

‘Those are here, who don’t have a choice. «Forbes list» in a manner of speaking,’ she smirked. ‘In our class it’s me, Milana… Leyla’s still in Moscow. Gena’s enjoying Italy, Dany’s just being late. There’re are guys in other classes, and a year older…’

‘Not bad.’

Many indeed. Is everyone chasing the standards of high quality education? Or do the parents want to keep their kids as far as possible from their murky lives? They send us abroad, for a new vision, a new way of thinking, the so-called «eastern brains», while they remain in Moscow, doing business, having free rein. Awesome (🇷🇺Po kayfu).

Kamila was saying something, and he was looking around.

Preliminary evaluation of new territory. I need to fit in and lay down my own rules. Who’s the boss, I wonder.

‘Hi, guys!’

He looked around. Another blond had entered the classroom.

‘Mills!’ a couple of squealing girls darted forward to meet her. ‘Where’ve you been? Love the tan!… That Louis!… We’ve missed you…’

The smiling blond replied something to them.

Perfect London accent. Attractive. Doesn’t squeal. British, by the looks of it.

‘That’s Milana,’ Kamila was quick to detect his interest.

Long legs. School uniform’s got its perks. Awesome skirt. Model walk. Awesome, dad, thanks!

Milana's 1st September look
Milana’s 1st September look ©Smolenskaya.Moscow

‘She’s ours,’ Kamila went on. ‘What’s your name, by the way?’

Damn, forgot to introduce myself. I’m Novikov. It’s easier that way.


Milana slowly approached them, smiled at Kamila, glanced at him, and occupied a back seat by the window.


‘Smolenskaya sits with Danny. They’ve got a union,’ Kamila explained promptly.

That’s your guide for today, Novikov. Why does Smolenskaya sound familiar?

‘What d’you mean, union?’

‘He solves her math problems, she writes him essays.’

Understood. Temporary union. I also need essays. Won’t help her with math. We need to get to know each other.

A middle-aged bespectacled lady with a tight bun at the top of her head entered the classroom, closely followed by a dark-haired guy. He smiled at everyone, said something to the lady—the math teacher, probably—and headed towards the back seat, where Milana greeted him with a smile. So that’s Dany?
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