17. She likes to rule millions and millionaires

October 17, 2006

Math. Fucking my brain over and over again.

Arkadiy looked at the blackboard, trying to understand.

I can’t. I must. I should. Maybe.

Milana was sitting with Dany, wearing her provocative mini-skirt, and writing down the task with incredible effort. What a sight! Math dominates Smolenskaya and wins! Wow!
Okay, let’s return to the illuminating conversation. Every day things become clearer, though I still don’t understand why Gena considers Milana to be «normal». Is there something between them? All other girls in our year are divided in three classes, according to Smirnov: stupid cows, vipers, and sluts.

‘Smolenskaya?’ Gena took a thoughtful pause. ‘I respect her.’

‘Why?’ Arkadiy asked curiously.

Gena glanced at Misses Thompson, their math teacher and curator, who was busily dividing a triangle into strange fragments.

‘She’s real. True to life, understand?’ Gena replied in an undertone, adding his low voice to the mild buzzing of the class. ‘Everyone here wants to be cool, but all they do is show off. Milana’s nothing like that.’

‘I still don’t get it.’

‘A year ago dad had some serious trouble with business. No money, no honey. I was one foot back in Moscow.’

‘For real?’

Until that moment Arkadiy never doubted Gena’s status. Smirnov had been in the school for four years, knew all the rules, had an opinion on everything, and lived a classy life of confident leisure.

‘For real,’ Smirnov said seriously. ‘Global shit situation. The people here… Show them your weak spot, and they’ll gobble you down like fucking hyenas.’

Gena threw a dirty look at the middle of the class, the back seat offering a splendid opportunity to see and despise everyone.

‘And what does Smolenskaya have to do with it?’

‘She cares, if she wants to. While these… were only discussing my big trouble, she walked up and said, «Smirnov, I need somebody normal here. I don’t want you to return to Moscow.» And I said, «I don’t want to return either, but our business is in deep shit». She listened, nodded, and told me in the evening, «Gen, I’ve fixed it all. Give your father this number. My grandpa’s ready to invest in your business.’


‘I gave dad the number. They met. We’re doing great. I owe her.’

‘The way she said it, her granddad didn’t have an option,’ Arkadiy observed.

‘She’s his Princess,’ Gena grinned. ‘Her wish is his law.’


Yes, she definitely likes to rule, not only me and her classmates, but also millions and millionaires.

Gena was about to say something else when a shadow fell upon them. Misses Thompson had long ago finished drawing the weird triangular, and was now glaring down at them with a most irrate look.

‘Having fun, boys?’

‘No, sorry, Professor Thompson.’

Arkadiy flashed his most disarming smile at her.

‘Go to the blackboard, Mister Novikov.’

One has to pay, so Arkadiy got to his feet, inspired by Gena’s sigh of relief and Milana’s derisive snort.

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