16. I’d rather give in to the waves than lose a fight with Kamila

October 16, 2006

Wish I had someone to talk to…

Milana closed Novikov’s Facebook profile and moved her MacBook aside. Kamila had been playing «cold hugs» for two weeks in a row.
We’re best friends in public, but every time I turn my back on her she begins spreading rumors and telling tales. What is it to her that I’m with Novikov when she had such a good time with Misha? True, the poor chap got tired and doesn’t want a second date. But I’m okay, I’m tougher than him. I can deal with Kamila.

Leyla is equally nice to both of us, as usual. She never gets between people. And Novikov’s enjoying himself. It’s all one to him.

Kamila freaked me out this morning. The temperature is always high in the changing rooms after PT lesson. You’re half naked and tired. There’re plenty of witnesses. Ideal conditions for an attack. Sports release some sort of martial energy that, stimulated by hot shower, can lead to minor fights and major injuries of either self-esteem, reputation, or mood.

Milana was putting her skirt back on, when Kamila approached her with a direct question, or, rather, an accusation:

‘I’ve acidently opened your Facebook page. So you’re a couple now, huh?’

‘Accidentaly? You should tame your fingers, Kami.’

No point in answering the question. It’s obvious that we’re a couple, and the relationship status is just an official statement, made to prevent any misunderstanding.

‘Look who’s talking!’ Kamila exclaimed. ‘Took you one day to get into his pants. So slutty.’

‘Yeah,’ Milana pulled on a satisfied smile. ‘And you’re losing your shape, Volkova. So sad.’

Not best friends any more. Fifteen pairs of curious eyes won’t miss a single blink, while fifteen pairs of trained ears catch every syllable we drop, and those several English words we’ve accidentaly used are like strokes of paint that make an impressionistic painting complete.

No point calling my lawyer. Everything I say will be used against me anyway. Or not? Pfft. Smolenskaya, when did anyone back you up? Smirnov would help. He hates gossip too, but he’s not in this changing room. Sadly. He would be a lovely distraction for the ladies.

Kamila gave her a long spiteful look, scanning Milana from head to foot and back again.

Bra? Yes, Agent Provocateur. And there’s no sign on it whether I’ve slept with Arkadiy or not. Abs, skirt, legs, abs again. Yes, baby, I’m perfect. There’s still no sign on the bra. Finally, we look each other in the eyes. Subject not closed. New game is on.

Arkadiy thinks it’s funny. Yes, it must be very funny if you’re not involved, but you can’t avoid it forever. Either you play or you will be played by someone else, and that is unacceptable.

How I want to be in the open sea again, sailing my own yacht!


You fight with nature there, you fight with people here, but I’d rather give in to the waves than lose a fight with Kamila.
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