14. Smolenskaya, Arkadiy Novikov has got serious plans on you!

September 27, 2006

‘Volkova, let’s spend the weekend together?’

Misha Strogov approached their table. Kamila gave him a calculating look.

‘With you?’

‘Yeah, baby.’

Kamila studied the candidature for her attention, thinking. Finally she smiled, ‘Okay.’

Milana watched, intrigued by this sudden twist.

Misha is a clever player. What’s his gain? Kamila’s cool, a weekend with her is fun, and, most probably, fuck. Mikhail Strogov, from Kamila’s point of view, is as good as Novikov. She always liked him, but, oddly enough, kept her feelings to herself. And suddenly here he is! Ta-dam!

Why now?

Novikov’s expectant stare explained everything.

Friendship in action. Smolenskaya, Arkadiy Novikov has got serious plans on you, and noble knight Mikhail had volunteered to help. Nice try.

New text-message. Predictably unexpected.

‘U look sexy 2day’

She gave him a cold look, he responded with a warm smile and a new message:

‘Got plans 4 the weekend?’

‘Yeah. They don’t include u.’

Novikov read her reply and a broad grin appeared on his face.

‘They do now.’

And then…

‘Let’s go to the club?’

Yes, Novikov, that’s the perfect place to go with you.


‘What do u wanna do?’

‘Study. All day, all night. Fuck off, plz’

‘Fuck u’

Sounds like a plan.

‘U wish’

‘I do’

Novikov put his Vertu aside, showing that the matter was decided.

Shit. Why didn’t the surgeon fix his brain as well?

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