12. So prim and proper, but there’s something in her that I like. What’s that?

September 18, 2006

After the Saturday incident their relationship went to a new level. There was no more prickly indifference, instead they had a kind of friendship, sealed by a secret. Nobody found out about Melani or the broken nose, and Arkadiy was really grateful for that.

Sunday turned out to be real fun.

They walked a lot, laughed, took a ride on the London Eye, discussed the things they had in common: movies, traveling, Moscow, even studies. They returned to school separately. He took a taxi, while Milana arrived in her Audi. Two hours later.

Arkadiy did not want any secrecy, but Milana said, «It’s better that way», and he had to take her word for it.

Monday gave Arkadiy his new best friend. Gena finally came back from Italy and explained a lot.

‘This isn’t a school, Archy, it’s a hellhole,’ he said during lunch. ‘Just like Slytherin, with an excess of slime.’

Arkadiy looked at Milana, sitting in the company of her friends. She’s not a Slytherin.

‘She’s okay,’ Gena agreed, following his gaze.

‘She’s awesome.’

‘An exception. You’d better choose girls a year younger. They’re not so spoilt,’ Gena advised.

‘What do you mean, spoilt?’

‘These are already trying on our family names. Looks like Kamila’s got serious plans on you, mate!’

Gena laughed. Volkova was, indeed, staring fixedly at Arkadiy.

‘For real?’

‘For real.’

‘I’m doomed,’ Arkadiy smirked. ‘Who’s got plans on you then?’

‘I’m out of reach,’ Gena was grinning. ‘Intouchable, unavailable. Always busy. You’ll be busy too.’

‘Who’s Smoleskaya with?’

Arkadiy was watching Milana. Dany approached her and said something. She nodded, got to her feet and followed him out of the canteen.

‘Single, I think,’ Gena replied through a mouthfull of meat pie. ‘D’you like her?’

Arkadiy shrugged.

‘Then what’re you waiting for?’ Gena asked.

‘We’ve got a secret friendship,’ Arkadiy explained darkly.

Gena laughed again.

‘That’s because she doesn’t want to cross Kamila.’

‘I don’t get it.’

‘I’ve told you, it’s a hellhole. You cross someone, you’re as good as fucked up.’

‘But she’s cooler than Kamila,’ Arkadiy still did not understand.

‘Cooler,’ Gena nodded.

‘Then why’s she afraid of her?’

‘She’s not,’ Gena looked at Milana. ‘She doesn’t want her hands dirty. The shit won’t stink unless you touch it, got me?’


Arkadiy returned to his lunch, digesting the new information.

On the second thought, she’s definitely a Slytherin. So prim and proper. Aristocrat, my ass! But there’s something in her that I like. What’s that?
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