11. I behave according to my status, Novikov

September 17, 2006

It was around midday. The headache was awful, the room quiet. What a night…

‘Milana!’ Arkadiy called.

Did she leave?

He looked around and noticed a breakfast tray on a table near the window. On top of it there was a note: ‘Bon appetit. You’re in Piccadilly, a perfect place for sightseeing. Have a nice day.’

Nice day, my ass. She could’ve given me a wake-up call in person.

Arkadiy took a shower and tried to figure out what to do next. First, have breakfast. And then what? Leave?

He had lost Milana’s number together with the Vertu, and had just curst his bad luck, when suddenly the new Nokia broke the silence.


‘Are you awake?’ asked Smolenskaya’s cheerful voice.


‘Change of plans. I’m your guide for today.’


‘Are you dressed?’

‘Yeah. Why?’

Short too-toos in reply, then the door opened, and Milana entered the room, carrying two big rustling paper bags.

‘Change of clothes,’ she explained in response to his questioning look.

She was wearing white jeans, a cerulean polo-shirt, and swapped her high-heels for a pair of navy-blue mocasins.

‘Eat and lets go,’ she said.

Playing boss again.

‘Baby!’ Arkadiy took the bags from her. Milana blinked at him, puzzled. He put the bags onto the floor and pulled her close to him. ‘I dominate.’

‘Dominate,’ Smolenskaya pushed him lightly aside. ‘Dominate Kamila.’

‘Why her?’ he was beginning to get really annoyed by the ever-present Volkova.

‘Because you’ve got no chances with me,’ Milana glanced at her Rolex, smiling to herself. ‘And if you want to see London at daytime, you’d better not doddle.’

‘Why’re you such a bore?’

‘I’m not a bore, Novikov. I behave according to my status.’

Got it. Back to Novikov.

‘Arkadiy,’ he corrected, watching her fill two glasses with orange juice.

‘As friends we can have fun, Arkadiy.’.

‘I want coffee. And fuck won’t spoil the fun.’

Smileskaya smiled.

‘No fuck and no fun or fun without fucking?’


‘Your choice is limited but you’re free to choose. Get used to it,’ she handed him the orange juice.

‘Where’ll we go?’ he decided to change the subject and accepted his glass.

Milana nodded in a satisfied way.

‘I’ll show you my London.’

Fine, let it be fun. For the time being, Smolenskaya. I’m used to getting everything I want.
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