The first book, «Poetry of Innocence», takes us back to 2006. No smartphones, no Facebook, no Instagram. Private school, diamond-encrusted cellphones, rich and carefree heirs, naive dreams and grown-up relationships…

Poetry of Innocence by Smolenskaya.Moscow

True story based on real feelings.

You can meet the characters in fashionable clubs, on the pages of glossy magazines, and in the social network. Their names, for obvious reasons, have been modified, but nevertheless they can be easily recognized. Perhaps, you know some of them better than you think.

1st BOOK «Poetry of Innocence»

Years: 2006, 2007

Two young sincere hearts met in the land of Shakespeare and Jane Austen. What happened next? Big love, most naturally. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present the Couple of the Year: the stunning Milana Smolenskaya and the reckless Arkadiy Novikov.

Romantic walks in London, night parties, school days, and unforgettable moments filled with feelings.

Magical Christmas in the French Alps, Vanilla romance and Tiffany surprises, small joys and big expectations, envy and jealousy, plots and betrayal…

London, Moscow, Rome, Paris, Marbella…

School, work, serious plans, and temptations of youth…

Time flies, people change. And what about feelings?
How will our enamoured celebrate their next Christmas in France?

Part 1. #London #French_Alps #2006